Copywriting Techniques: 12 Tips to Mastering Persuasive Writing

Check out 12 copywriting techniques: get to know the audience well, use the ideal language, create a connection with the reader, be concise, use action verbs, tell stories, sell benefits instead of features, invest in proven results and other three!

Creating texts that convince the potential customer while reading is a problem for many freelancers. The message is important, however, without the right techniques your text can get lost amid the valuable information you have written.

So we need to talk about the copywriting techniques that can drive the reader naturally during the shopping journey. So you can generate traffic and even close sales – plus many other benefits, of course!

Copywriting is the art of creating texts with the purpose of making the user follow the action defined by you. These texts can be created for various purposes, such as:


capture pages;


nutrition flows;

blog content;

social networks, among others.

This guide will help you write a text that breaks down objections and convinces the reader to take the right action through the main techniques that promote this power of persuasion. Continue reading to find out.

1. Know the public well

To create influencing text, you need to go beyond what you want to deliver and seek to understand what the audience is asking for. A market research will help you understand the needs, but it is through a study of persona that you will know the profile of each potential client and how you will need to position yourself.

Buyer persona is an example of what would be your ideal client. By understanding it, you will not write reflecting on the audience of women between the ages of 25 and 35 who have small children. You will think of Joana, a 28-year-old journalist, married and pregnant with her first child, but despite being happy with her pregnancy, she is distressed that she will not be able to reconcile the exhausting work of 10 hours a day with a baby. So, she is an assiduous reader of Crescer magazine to find solutions on how to solve the difficulties that will come. Do you see the difference?

This study is important for you to understand the reader’s pain, what he or she faces on a day-to-day basis, and how the business can help you. Thus, he realizes his behaviors and how to use them in his copywriting technique to influence him in the action proposed by the text.

2. Use the ideal language

Getting to know the persona is the tip of the iceberg. This understanding will help you establish effective communication with the reader.

For example, if your potential client is a teenager, using terms like “I’ve been cheated” will make the reader find you annoying. However, if you change that term to “I’ve been trolling,” you’ll be able to create a link to it. Therefore, proper communication is important.

A single word can drive away or bring the potential customer closer to the business. With ideal language you create a close relationship and produce content that will make the reader understand that you have the solution to his problem.

3. Create a connection to the player

Do you know when you have the feeling of having a bond with someone? This means that you have connected, that you have a lot in common and that you can understand the pain and joy of each other. You need to create a connection with your potential customer.

In addition, dialogue is a two-way street, so you’re not the only one talking. Let your audience communicate with you. So you can understand what he thinks and wants, so create an emotional link. So ask for feedback, and create a channel to show that you are interested in his or her point of view.

This information will point to signs to create a text in copywriting where the reader feels that it was produced for him by means of the techniques.

5. Write concise text

Imagine that you need information. To get it, start reading a text that promises to deliver it. However, it is huge and you realize that you are taking the time to find the answer you are looking for. How it feels?

Long content has a high conversion power, so you need to go straight to the point to catch the reader’s attention. This is because people can not fix their attention for a long time and are discouraged from reading content with a needle-information in a haystack.

So deliver the content simply and quickly. To do this, quote the main point at the beginning for the reader to understand what the text will address.

Also, even if your writing has a formal language, you should explain the technical terms to make reading and understanding easier. Remember that the modern reader can not waste time with texts difficult to understand.

6. Use action verbs

Today, creating text that captures the attention of your potential customer is extremely possible. But for this, it is very important that you eliminate the words that deceive you and make you think that your text got richer. We use this paragraph to exemplify a classic example of the reader’s experience when you use clichés in your text.

The previous stretch made you tired, was not it? The clichés words, while they say a lot, also say nothing. So use stretches that go straight to the point and remove those that take up space without adding value – better known as “filling sausage”. So, by removing those meaningless terms you gain by writing faster and leave the reading clear and objective.

In addition to eliminating clichés, using verbs in the infinitive makes it easier to understand the message and helps the reader to understand what he or she should do. These verbs are those that are not related to any time or verbal mode and indicate a “doing.”

So to encourage the reader to take action, you need to use the right words in your copywriting strategy.

7. Apply Storytelling

Do you know those stories that you identify with the character and the scenario and with that, you decide to take action? Most likely they were created following the concept of storytelling – which is nothing more than the art of telling stories in order to convey an idea.

It’s a very old technique – you must have been excited about a movie or reading a biography. Through storytelling, you apply this technique in your copywriting strategy by conveying values ​​similar to those of the reader and holding your attention.

To illustrate, we list six stories that captivate people.

Common Public Enemy

In this story, you and your audience have an opposing force in common. By doing this, you point the finger at this enemy and encourage people to join your cause.

The Idiot’s Journey

The purpose of this story is to narrate his trajectory of errors to show how he managed to overcome himself in some way. So you connect with people who are making the same mistakes and present your solution.

From failure to fame

In this story, you expose a specific problem and how you made a breakthrough that revolutionized your life. He has become a reference in this subject and wants to show people how to do the same.

The Reluctant Hero

Here you tell how you parachuted in this story, and even inadvertently started helping other people solve the same problems you learned to deal with.

We are similar

The purpose of this story is to seek a quick connection to reinforce the idea that you and the reader have a similar problem, but you have found the solution and now want to help you find it too.

The Hero’s Journey

The most used in Hollywood movies, in this story you tell how you had a normal life and even tried to resist your mission, but with help, you faced various obstacles and overcame a specific challenge. So, now your mission is to support others to also overcome the same problem.

8. Sell benefits rather than features

In-depth understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the business is a key element in developing texts with copywriting techniques. Soon, you will need to address the features that differ the business from your competitors.

However, more important than talking about the features is to explain about the benefits that the customer earns when acquiring the product or service. When you focus on them, it provides clear examples of what the business will do for the customer and what problems they can solve.

For example, to sell an inflatable mattress, it is common to find a conventional ad like this:

The inflatable mattress from Anónimos SA is perfect. It features high strength material and double exhaust valves. Enjoy the promotion and buy now up to 3 times on your credit card!

When reading this ad, would you be interested in buying this mattress? We can imagine the thought bubbles about you:

Why would I buy this kind of mattress? So what does it have high strength material? Another thing, why do I need a mattress with dual exhaust valves?

Now, a text with this copywriting technique would look like this:

Do you think about having an extra mattress at home to receive that visit, but do you get discouraged when you remember the time to put it away? With the inflatable mattress from Anónimos SA you always have something comfortable to offer, since you can fold it. In addition, you do not lose hours to store because you can deflate fast through the double exhaust valves. Your visit, your house and your time have suggested that you enjoy our promotion.

9. Invest in proven results

Clear data and results demonstrate what the reader gains by performing the action you propose. With that, it passes credibility and confirms that your information is true.

Instead of saying that the business is a benchmark in the market, give examples that demonstrate this naturally. Or, instead of saying that there is too much demand, use facts that confirm this message.

To create text that focuses on results, you can use some templates, such as:

recent data metrics;

reports made by referential channels in the area;

satisfaction rates;

customer testimonials;

followers on social networks;

number of sales made;

cases of success, among others.

10. Optimize texts

No matter how good your messages are, if your texts have confusing information or visuals you will make a bad impression on the reader.

With optimized text you ensure a good user experience when browsing the page. Therefore, reading becomes pleasurable and natural.

To create copywriting text with optimized techniques, you need to consider some points, such as:

paragraphs and short texts to facilitate the reader’s understanding;

proper use of keywords and SEO techniques;

scanning to make reading dynamic;

call to action according to the sales funnel stage;

attractive title, introduction, development and completion;

link building to complement the content and verify data.

11. Produce authentic content

In addition to producing original content – free from plagiarism -, it is important that it be true, that is, not sell what the business can not offer. Therefore, delivering valuable information may astonish the reader.

So try to answer these questions when creating your text:

Is your audience interested in this content?

Can your text teach something about the product or service?

can you help your readers solve a problem within the business strategy?

Exaggerating the sale will leave your content with the advertising face of the 2000s. So, do not make explicit or overt advertising. Thus, the copywriting text needs to have techniques that drive the reader naturally into the sales funnel.

12. Review content before posting

Imagine a beautiful, sparkling Christmas tree with all the red lights and ornaments. However, you notice a single green light blinking in the opposite rhythm. This is the impression that Portuguese errors cause in readers.

You do not need to be an expert in Portuguese to create copywriting text, however, you should bother with the mistakes. To do this, always review your texts in order to convey a comprehensive message.

When writing your essays, see if the words establish a meaningful relationship. Otherwise, the reader may get lost in the middle of the text and his strategy will go down.

One suggestion is to invest in writing tools. With them, it is possible to revise typos to cohesion. This way, you will be able to transmit your message without communication noises.

Copywriting techniques allow you to create texts that convince the reader of your approaches. With them, you can establish a connection with your audience by creating direct texts that contain stories and relevant information. Soon, it will produce valuable content and be loyal to its strategies. By adopting these techniques it will be easier to influence the reader to take the necessary action through your text.

Now that you already know how to create texts to persuade your readers, delve into the subject and watch the videotape of our Freelancer Immersion “Uncovered Copywriting Techniques: How to Master Writing with a Conversion Focus”

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